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Do You Know Where Your Peeps are at?

I know exactly where my Peeps are at!!!!

If you have any questions on how to locate your Peeps read the following and you should be able to find them too.....

I'll share with you some little known facts:

1 Peep contains 32 calories and 0 grams of fat
Yellow Peeps are the most popular (Must be so that we can convince ourselves that they are closely related to fruits and vegetable,-summer squash, corn, pineapples, bananas, apples{you get the idea- at least that's what I tell myself} unlike the pink, lavender, blue and white- the next most popular ones.)
Peeps went wing free in 1991 (that's so they couldn't fly away and had to dutifully wait in each Easter basket.)
Peeps eyes are actually made of wax and are sprayed on by a machine (is that why they have that glazed over look in their eyes as they stare at me from the kitchen counter?)
The first Peeps were created in 1953 and it took 27 hours to create just one Peep
Today peeps are create at 4.2 million per day (& I probably have half of that amount in my home right now!)
Peeps shelf life.....24 months (that's two years on my HIPS people... two whole years!!!!!!!)

Enjoy some Peep entertainment on me, or a Peep game, or just get a good chuckle... after all, we do need to find something to do with all those Peeps.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Her Future is so Bright She's Gotta' Wear Shades

Just want to give a little shout out to my girl Jamie!!

Many of you don't know Jamie, so let me give a little background:

Back in junior high we were a group of four bad asses (not really but everyone once in a while I like to have delusions of grandeur) Myself, Jenny, Julie and Scarleth... we were like the female version of the brat pack (not really, but once again another delusion) we were all pretty tight and actually remained very close until our twenties when we all, one by one, got married and had kids... (I was the first, Julie soon followed, Jenny and Scarleth took their time- but I digress) Just recently, we've all fallen into each other's laps again (with kids in tow this time- some of us with many, some of us with few - hint, hint Tommy, Jenny needs another baby!)

Now this is where Jamie's biography begins:

When I finally found Julie again after many years (7 or 8, I believe) we did some major catching up... over the past few months we've stayed in contact (albeit not the kinda' contact we once had, but the kind that let's you know this person is a true friend and when you're old and grey you can still call upon them and it always feels like you never missed a beat.)

So, during our rediscovery period we shared many photos back and forth, probably just for the shock factor of how everyone has so drastically changed.(And to catch up on once infants and now preteens and of course our hubby's.) As I looked at the pictures of her last baby shower I saw all of her sisters (they are 4 girls all together) except for the youngest one, 3 year old Jamie! Where had she gone? I wondered what had happened to her and this is what I found out... strange as it may sound... she had actually grown up. I was shocked!! What happened to that cute and innocent little girl? The one who was three years old? (another one of my delusions of still being a teenager), the one whom I thought was "getting old" when she started elementary school? The one who was the "entertainment" at all of our get togethers? Where did she go?????? She went to the arena... and then made way her way to the television set! To be everyone else's "entertainment". This sweet, innocent, "little girl" tried out for a new group in the making "Girlicious". She not only had the gumption to audition but made it all the way into the finals.

As Frank, Axel and I sat around every Monday night to cheer her on, I was shocked...when in the world did she learn how to sing? Last I saw her she was still using baby words (okay, not really but being 12 years her elder it sure seems like it.) She has not only grown up and "busted" out but she has become a quite talented young lady.

We dutifully watched her each week and towards the end of the show, when the eliminations would come around I held my breath and wished that all her dreams would come true and that she would go on for another week. And, week after week she did, until this past Monday. She had made it into the final 9 of Girlicious. With each passing episode I was floored that this little girl (obviously, only "little" in my mind- Frank and Axel have reminded me of that many times over) had such talent! Unfortunately, the judges didn't see it my way and she was cut this past Monday night. But, the fact still remains... She Hawt!! And, I see a very promising career ahead for her! So Julie and Jamie, when you read this just know that I won't think you're strange if the next time I get a bundle of pictures and Jamie is wearing sunglasses indoors... I know it's a necessity when your future is so bright that you gotta' wear shades. Good luck Jamie, you're going to go far!

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Wordless Wesnesday

Even a princess can have a hard day....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Come Back, Don't Leave Me

So as some of you may have discovered by now, I have been cheating. Cheating on my Sleep Deprived Ramblings, cheating on YOU!!!
Ohhhh, how I grovel for your forgiveness.... how could I ever make it up to you? I'll do whatever it takes, to prove my continued devotion to you... anything, your wish is my command!


You wha'??

You wanna know wha'?

You wanna' know all about my other love?

Will that actually make you feel better? You want to know all of the torrid details???

Well, if you insist, and I remind you, that I am only doing this because you begged! I've.... ummmmmmmm, been cheating with........ ummmmmmmmmmm, another BLOG! There I said it.... ANOTHER BLOG!!!

Are you happy now?

Any more questions???


Now, you wanna' know wha'?!?

Now you want to know all about this other blog?

Are you sure this will help mend things between us?

Fine.... the blog is An Apple For Mom !

Are you proud of yourself now.... I hope this is enough to satisfy your curiosity!

Wha', you still aren't satisfied?

Now you want to know what it looks like?!?

You sure aren't easy to please...

Okay, if I introduce you will you forgive me and forget the whole cheating thing???

You will?!?!

GREAT... okay, stroll on over but don't leave me for it... as tempting as it may be. Please come back to me... I promise you can go back and visit often, just don't abandon me!!!!! Go ahead now, go.... as they say:

"I'll set you free, if you come back it was meant to be!"

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Homeschooling Anonymous

Hi my name is Maddie, and I am a homeschooler.

Many people believe we homeschoolers should be in hiding or need social rehab. They believe they are freaks, social misfits, extremist, religious fundamentalist, hippies, granola crunchers, Birkenstock wearers, hallelujah-ist, ill informed, uneducated tramps, indoctrinating tyrants the list goes on and on....

And yes, the truth is there is every degree of belief, every degree of seriousness, every degree of everything. There are the ones who homeschool strictly for religious reasons and those who homeschool for simply being able to teach their own unpopular beliefs. There are those who homeschool because it's what they know and those who homeschool because of the novelty or even because they accidentally fell into it. There are those that homeschool because they refuse to adhere to governmental standards, and those who homeschool because they believe the government is failing our children.

The reality is that homeschoolers are not freaks. Simply parents that are exercising their personal right to educate their children in the way they see best. These are people who take personal interest in their children's everyday lives. Not to say that parents of mainstreamed children do not share the same interest in their children's lives, but homeschoolers feel personally responsible for their children's upbringing. They feel the buck stops with them. Homeschooling is a very personal choice and often time a difficult choice. Difficult because the buck does stop with them. There is no school system to blame for their children's shortcomings. There is no one to blame for their children's lack of knowledge. They are solely responsible for not only their children's education but for their "socialization", their willingness to adapt, their willingness to be assertive. Their willingness to be adventurous. These are just a few of the issues that homeschooling families deal with. They can always opt out and say, "This is too much work for me. This is too intense for me. I need a day off." But there is something about being able to have such a direct role in your child's upbringing... something that speaks to the core of you, something that makes it just as important as teaching them to walk for the first time. As you witness your child learn and take interest in the fundamentals of something, you then realize that, so many parents miss out on these special moments. The truth is, children in today's typical classroom environment may never really even have an opportunity to seriously delve into something, out of pure interest. They miss too many opportunities, all while waiting for Billy to return from the bathroom before continuing the lesson. Or, being pushed through a lesson simply because they need an extra moment or two to work out a problem but, of course the big test is on Friday and "we need to learn this one last thing, before the end of class." What happened to the joy of learning? I'll share with you the elusive answer... Standardized tests, overcrowded classrooms, budget cuts and no child left behind acts, in general: plain apathy for our children.

My answer to our country's choice to put our children last? To overlook the importance of knowing where Africa is on a map; instead of who a senator is sleeping with? MY ANSWER: HOMESCHOOL!!! So here I stand on my soapbox and proudly announce:

My Name is Maddie, and I am a Homeschooler.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Did you know???

Homeschooling in the Garden State just tagged me, and it being my first official tag. I am kinda':

Choose one:

A.) Nervous
B.) Excited
C.) Nausea
D.) Annoyed
E.) Confused
F.) None of the above

Okay for all of you that chose "F", let me know and I'll tag you next time. I actually think its kinda' cool and flattering that someone may want to know 5 facts about me, not saying that anyone else out there wants to know but since Kate decided for everyone (you can all drop by her blog and thank her later), you will all be subjected to it as well. It's all because {she} "likes me, {she} really, really likes me..." ***Quick name the source of the quote...***

Alright here goes:

Rules: Link to your tagger and post these rules. Share 5 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

1. My hubby and I played doctor tonight, he was the doctor I was the patient and he gave me a rare diagnosis, he informed me that I suffer from a newly diagnosed chronic affliction: Laptoposis - the condition which afflicts those with laptops, these (us) poor souls feeling the need to constantly multitask by doing everything while lugging the laptop, as if it were an appendage, all around the house (e.g.the couch, the kitchen, the bed, the bathroom... yes everywhere- that we can carve out a spare moment or two.)

2. I suppose the diagnosis was long incoming, since finding a new homeschool group and Gabby finally being old enough to attend story time at the library, I have overcome my self imposed Agoraphobia. I now suffer from Oikophobia. Fortunately, he hasn't realized the latter and therefore I dodged a double diagnosis. (He'll surely figure it out by next week.)

3. I swear I have the body of Kate Moss (no I didn't eat her)... of course hiding under the 50+ pounds of post pregnancy baby weight (dating back to the child born in the nineties- but why be specific? She in there I swear!)

4. My head is just swimming with useless knowledge. I know a little about everything and very little about anything. I attribute this to my photographic memory. I can recall things 15-25 years later with scary accuracy. My poor Frank can't get away with anything, but then again I am his virtual date book planner/ address book/ and record keeper. He has to give a little to get so much. Right? (That's at least the Bill of Rights, I've sold him!)

5. I live with the regret that I haven't been able to give my son some of the same opportunities I had as a child. My parents were wise enough to make my brother and I "world travelers". It taught us how to be accepting over others in all their own different lights. How to respect people not in spite of their differences but because of their differences. People are different but deep inside all the same no matter where you are in the world. MY son, regrettably has not had these same opportunities (due to circumstance not desire) but I hope that he learns through my example to be just as accepting of others.

So now I must tag: Ummmmmmm, who do I want to know more about? It's hard I want to tag everyone (even the ones on the wait list- waiting to be added to my blogroll)

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Trivia Answer:
***"You like me, you really like me," a thrilled Sally Field in 1985, gushed while accepting her second Oscar in five years.***